Fasting Changed My Life

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When I thought of fasting, the first thing that used to come to mind was refraining from food. I later learned that there are a plethora of activities that one can do to fast and many different reasons why people choose to fast. People also have the choice to fast intermittently. Webster defines fasting as an intransitive verb, to abstain from food and to eat sparingly or abstain from some foods. Some people fast from social media, electronic devices, sexual activity, social activities, and even family.

Fasting allows you to re-charge and focus. It can also help you catch up on things you haven’t had a chance to do in a while. Fasting opens the door so you can implement more self-care routines and it clears your mind from distractions. It is an opportunity to re-direct, change your mindset, filter, and sort through the things life throws at you. Some people fast as a group or church for a certain amount of days and from things. Most importantly, fasting is a way to show God that we are serious about our relationship with him, what we are praying and believing in him for and we are willing to sacrifice things to prove that love to him.

Personally, I fast to focus on my emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. I deactivate my social media accounts for at least 30 days but the most I have refrained is a little over a year. It is important to detach every once and a while, so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Fasting assists me with my forgiveness of self and others. It helps me gain clarity and insight. Additionally, fasting eliminates indirect control. I use fasting experiences to fill your cup with positivity, love, and gain serenity. Fasting also aids me to prepare for a goal I wanted to achieve and evaluate a life decision. I like to give my friends a heads up that I will be fasting and I will reach back out when I am ready, some adhere and some don’t but do not waiver if it is not best for you! It’s about your combined well-being!

Depending on your mental and emotional state, there are certain triggers you come across scrolling through social media or interacting with certain people. Fasting helps shred negative energy and vibes. I had to remind myself that everyone doesn’t support your mental and emotional well-being. People have the tendency to project their issues onto others. This may or may not be unintentional, but it happens.

I like to use intermittent fasting when I am trying to lose weight. For me, I only drink water for a few days and then gradually add healthier foods. I feel better about myself, I fit into more clothing and I feel cleaner. Also, there is no bloating. Mentally, this has caused me to boost my self-esteem. It helps me refrain from fried food, junk, and sodas. It also helps me put more into my daily exercise.

However, there are no time limitations on fasting. You can fast for however long you feel you need or want to.

After a good fast, you will feel refined, refreshed, and ready to tackle many things. You’ll have a clear mind, heart, and spirit! You will be emotionally, mentally, and spiritually restored!

Fasting Tips:

  1. Choose the fast that works best for you, do research. The internet has many ideas, resources, and aids
  2. Set a day to begin and stick to it
  3. Do not be concerned with those who don’t support fasting, this is for your benefit
  4. Enforce your boundaries
  5. Focus on the goals you want to achieve, doesn’t matter how big or minute they are
  6. It’s okay to fast alone but you can ask others to join you if you want
  7. Study and know the pros and cons of fasting, check with your physician and make the best choice for you and your body
  8. There is a difference between fasting and starving

Katrina S. Williams

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