Prelude Only-Free From Captivity: A Memoir of a Generational Curse Breaker



This is a chapter from the “Free From Captivity” book. The downloadable file will be available after checking out and it will be delivered to your email. The paperback book is now is available for pre-order. It book will be shipped out on September 1, 2023.

While fighting challenges in life, you may have encounters with people and situations that you do not know how to claim victory over. You may feel defeated and overwhelmed to the point that you are ready to surrender and give up. Well, I am here to challenge you a bit. Ask yourself this question. What happens if I decide to give up, give in and lay down? Are you willing to lose the dream that you envisioned your life would be as a child/teen or young adult? Are you willing to give up the promises that God has in store for you? Of course not, so why do you allow the idea of feeling defeated to take root in your mind? Listen, you are meant to be a victorious warrior. It’s time for you to partner with God for a divine strategy to set you free.

In this book, I will share my testimony of how God has saved me, healed me, and delivered me from many strongholds. It will also give you motivation and inspiration to grow a closer relationship with God, set yourself free, and learn how to stop giving up what God has promised you to the enemy!


This will be a paperback, autographed copy by the author, Shawnee Palmer.


Pages: 115



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