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In addition to mental health and substance abuse counseling, we offer a variety of other wellness/holistic healing tools such as books, life coaching, ancestral/intuitive readings, and energy healing. Please see our website to check out the services & products available to you through our company Love & Serenity Wellness.

Shifting Your Mindset: A Guide to Overcome Depression, Anxiety & Trauma


Shawnee Palmer, LCSW, LAC 


There are times in our life where we reflect on our past. We remember the good times, the fun times, and then get stuck on the bad ones; the battles of our life, and the emotional scars that gnaw at us. They hold us captive and take us down an emotional roller coaster that we can’t get off of. Well, it’s time to get off.

Shifting Your Mindset is a process that will not only help you face those battles from your past but will help you heal the emotional scars attached so that your future won’t be held captive by them. It’s time to take control. It’s time to shift your mind.

Paperback & E-book versions:


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