In addition to mental health and substance abuse counseling, we offer a variety of other wellness/holistic healing tools such as books for youth & adults, life coaching and energy healing. Please see our websites below to check out the other services available to you.



Reiki is a relaxation therapy technique that has been used within cultures for many, many years. The only tool that’s required is you and a Reiki master.

Life Coaching

Proving a platform for you to get support on making tough life decisions. Those decisions may be centered around self development, career, relationships or business.

You may choose to get both services or one, YOUR CHOICE! Check out our link for additional information: Reiki & Life Coaching


The Purposed Woman 365 Day Devotional

Over 300 women, from all around the world collaborated for this book to bring joy, peace, hope, and empowerment to your everyday lives. This devotional includes daily reading for an ENTIRE YEAR! Start your journey to living a PURPOSED life today by ordering a copy!  

Get your copy here: The Purposed Woman 365 Day Devotional Book


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The Recovery Village Ridgefield is an organization that provides information and answers for individuals and their family members providing them resources about substance abuse, mental illness, and various treatment and recovery options in order to help educate the public and help point them in the right direction.