10 Solo Date Activities To Do Now


I often hear a lot of people speak about how it’s really embarrassing it feels awkward for them to go out to dinner to the movies by themselves often look at that like wow.

Why would that be awkward for you to be in the presence of yourself your own company?

So I created a list of ten different things that you can do to enjoy the company of yourself also during this time you’re able to discover who you are. Identify things that you like about yourself things that you don’t like and it allows you to do sit still with yourself in a non-judgmental space.

#1 Check out the local listing for the next 30 days to see exactly how you can plan in a time to take yourself.

#2 Check out a new dinner spot at a restaurant that you have never eaten ate before maybe trying some new foods.

#3 Check out your local bookstore or a coffee shop to try a drink maybe a tea smoothie or coffee.

#4 Try any shopping center where you can go and try on different clothes and accessories.

#5 Try a new spa so that way you can get a manicure-pedicure or massage.

#6 Go to a park find a nice area where you can lay down a blanket and read a book or just listen to music.

#7 Take a drive in an area where the scenery is peaceful and beautiful.

#8 Try a new yoga or dance class.

#9 Try a local winery so that way you can do a wine tasting.

#10 Look at your local painting areas so that way you can go and do some painting or pottery.


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Shawnee Palmer, LCSW, LAC

Alpine’s Empowerment Agency, LLC



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