Freedom in Jesus

There’s something about the name Jesus that is undeniable. Many times his name is spoken in love but often it’s spoken in vain. It seems as if many enjoy using the name for attention, to respond to life circumstances but not enough to use it to lift him high and glorify him. He has done mighty things and his name deserves much respect.

I learned about the power of his name at a young age, maybe 6 years old. I grew up memorizing hymns while attending church. I enjoyed singing the songs outside of the church. There are many songs that I can hear in my head that I hadn’t heard since I was a kid. There’s a specific song that goes like this, “Something about the name Jesus, something about the name Jesus. It is the sweetest name I know.” I get chills when I hear the song but when I sing it I feel safe! Safe because there have been countless times I had to call on his name during a nightmare. It was the only thing that would be my comfort. The safety I’ve felt knowing him has brought more security than I have ever felt growing up and within adult relationships. I’ve learned the power of properly using his name, not just for protection but to thank him for all that he’s done for me and for being a savior. Not only has he saved me from myself but he’s saved me from everything that the enemy sent to destroy me, my bloodline, and future generations to come from me.  So let me break down exactly how powerful his name is:

1. The name Jesus breaks evil strongholds.

2. The name Jesus casts and binds ups demons.

3. The name Jesus makes people repent and renounce their behaviors.

4. The name Jesus has no limitations, it can reach the most stubborn or broken people.

5. The name Jesus provides you with supernatural energy, peace, and happiness that cannot be stolen.

So yes, while there are only 5 things that I listed, I’d love for you to share with me what you think about the name Jesus. I’d love to hear your testimony as I use this platform to talk about my love for God and what he’s done for me.

Talk soon,

Shawnee P.

Shawnee is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Addiction Counselor at her mental health private practice Alpines Empowerment Agency. Shawnee uses her professional and personal wisdom to help others gain more insight into common childhood traumas and effective tools for overcoming them. She also has two self-published books, an online university, a podcast, and a YouTube channel that she uses to support others on their self-healing journey. She is a mother and has many roles that she enjoys fulfilling.

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