Take the Break, Sis.

How many times have you gotten so wrapped up in life that time flew by without you being able to experience it?

Do you know that life was meant to be experienced? I mean truly sitting within the space of awareness to feel, see, touch, smell, and taste everything that is surrounding you.

Remember when you were a kid and you hyper-focused on one thing at a time? When was the last time you experienced that?

I’m going, to be honest, it’s tough for me to do it. But this past time in March 2021, I was forced to sit still and break. My body shut down and I was dragging myself to wake up every morning to get the simplest tasks done. I didn’t feel like eating, cleaning, or talking to others. I was peaceful and felt happiness. I wasn’t sad, just had a lot of obligations that I had put on myself. I was seeing great results and receiving positive feedback about my work. I was so wrapped up in helping others have a great life experience that I missed out on giving it to myself.

So, I took a break because I wanted to be obedient and not experience a full-blown breakdown.

During this break, I discovered so much about myself that was passing me by as I was wrapped up in rushing through life.

What did I discover?

  1. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect or done now.
  2. I can leave some tasks for tomorrow or even next week.
  3. I am one human being so I can impact just one person and as long as that person goes out into the world and impacts another person, that’s enough.
  4. Every day should be a day to reflect on the previous day so that I create a better tomorrow.
  5. I am perfect just the way that I am and it’s ok to hold some of that perfection for myself.
  6. Good things can last forever. I am that good thing!

This is a life lesson from me to you. Be true to yourself and watch the world around you be true to you as well.

Peace, Love & Light,

Shawnee Palmer

Alpine’s Empowerment Agency

Love & Serenity Wellness



Email: shawnee@alpinesempowermentagency.com

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